Web 2.0 Mascot designs with an app icon variation

Web 2.0 Style - Owl Mascot logo

Web 2.0 Style logo

Alligator Web 2.0 Mascot design

A ticket made into a mascot for a company who gives out pass out slips when two parties reach an agreement.

Mascot design proposal for a dairy company using only up to 4 colors to minimize the printing costs.

A bear mascot for a gym/training center

Marketing Company - specializing in social media

A logo for a produce sharing neighborhood

420.TV Logo - Fun, Hip, Vibrant

Creative use of negative space to subtly show a hardware in the text

Solar Energy Company

Clean and simple logo mascot design

Forming the wine inside the glass as a crown - a subtle way of showing the king element in the design.

Clean and simple cube shaped as a king

Logo for a health & wellness company, with each petal representing a service they offer.


Top Notch Logo Designs by Gideon Wagas

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